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Want to ride with others and train for the Auckland Secondary Schools MTB XC events, improve your skills or just get fitter, you are welcome to join us on these training rides once a week.

Coaching has done by volunteer parents and we require more parent volunteers to ensure the academy keeps operating.  If you can help, please contact the club.

We now have our own Facebook page to organise our weekly rides.  Check it out and like it here:  https://www.facebook.com/PCBC-MTB-Academy-944895368906108/timeline/

The Academy was formed by club parents some time ago and is intended for young riders aged 11-19, who are passionate about mountain biking and would like to improve their fitness and riding skills with a goal of taking part in XC and Enduro racing such as the Auckland Secondary Schools XC series, Auckland Enduro series, The Winter series and other races.

The group recently run by Phil Manchester and Kerry Oxenham is known to produced NZ champions in XC and Downhill that are now competing on the world circuit.

Our weekly ride (currently on Tuesday night) vary and suit different levels of riders with a common goal to have fun and improve riders ability and safety. Rides usually take place in Whitford Forest or Totara Park and other venues and days may be added, for example, to explore a race track prior to such race or for working on specific skill set.

This year Ido Hadar has stepped in to lead the rides, Ido is joined by his two boys, Noam (14) and Omri (11), who can be seen regularly in most races around the North Island. Last year Ido took part in a Cycling NZ School coaches course and he is in the process of completing the required assessments to receive his endorsement.

Compulsory Checklist for each ride:

  • Pump and/or CO2 inflator
  • Spare tube
  • Spare link
  • Multi-tool
  • Smile
  • Wet weather gear at the discretion of the coach
  • Lights (during Winter)image004

It is also important that your bike is well maintained. Setting out on a ride with a rattly headset, stretched and rusted chain, bald tyre/s, worn brakes, jumpy gears or leaky forks could mean that you and your group will have an interrupted or shortened ride and the rest of your group will not be too pleased about that. It is your responsibility to ensure your bike is in good mechanical order. Your coach will show you how to carry out a quick check of your bike before the next ride. It also pays to get your bike checked professionally from time to time. There are plenty of good bike mechanics around and all they need is money and a chat about Shimano vs Sram. If your coach suggests you need to see a mechanic or fit a new tyre or whatever it is best to do it.

The coaches will be checking your bikes and your equipment in the near future and it could mean that we will leave you in the car park if your bike is considered unsafe or if you don’t have all the emergency gear.

Download the PCBC XC Academy Health & Safety Risk Management Plan 2015 here

Parents are encouraged to join in too. Message us on the club Facebook page.

pcbc teens web header

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