Maraetai Forest Tracks Status:

FOREST UPDATE… The skid site is currently at the bottom of Ground Effect/Sneaky so those tracks are closed. This means that C Numb/Stumpy are only exit tracks to the poo ponds as you can not go along forest road to get back up. So come in via Rewa rd entry and avoid the southern tracks unless exiting to Poo ponds. The only way up is the forest road/horse track. Remember no group rides-We are Level 3 so social distancing is a must. Also ride within your capabilities. Avoid the grade 4 tracks if not an expert rider. This is not the time to do new tricks, hit those big lines or take up mountain biking!! Please respect the rules!!

Ground Zero, Grade 3 – OPEN

Grenade, Grade 5 – OPEN

Shrapnel, Grade 5 – OPEN

B’s Track, Grade 4 – OPEN

Eastern Spice. Grade 3 – OPEN

Screamers, Grade 4 – OPEN

Sweet As, Grade 4 – OPEN

Fools Gold, Grade 4 – OPEN

Prospectors, Grade 4 – OPEN

Upper Nile, Grade 4 – OPEN

Bionic Wasp, Grade 4 – OPEN

Native, Grade 4 – OPEN

Yipee Kay Yah, Grade 4 – OPEN

The Mission, (UP TRACK) – OPEN

Horse Track, Grade 3 – OPEN

Tunnel Vision, Grade 3 – OPEN

Sneaky Hand Job (up track) – OPEN

Ground Effect, Grade 4 – OPEN

Comfortably Numb, Grade 3 – OPEN

Stumpy, Grade 4 – OPEN

Boundary Run, Grade 4 – OPEN  Expert only

Castaway, Grade 4 – OPEN

Three Blind Mice, Grade 4 – OPEN

McGazza’s, Grade 4 – OPEN

Entrance to Maraetai Forest is at the end of Rewa Rd in Maraetai or Okaroro Rd.

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