Maraetai and Whitford forests offer some technical and challenging MTB tracks, these often have sections which are steep, off camber, slippery (especially when wet) and exposed to tree roots; caution is required. Jumps are spread throughout many tracks and vary in height, these should be attempted by experienced riders only as injury can result from poor landings. All jumps have a bypass to ride around them. (Caution signs are as yet to be installed).

If in doubt, stop and check it out!! Ride within your limits and have fun.

If you would like a copy of the maps and a permit to ride in the forests, join here.

Maraetai Forest Tracks

Maraetai Forest is OPEN. Take some clippers and do some track maintenance if you ride. We’ll update here as soon as we know which tracks have survived. Track builders will be in there soon too.

Whitford Forest


Access is via the top of the passing lane on Siberia hill, 600 Whitford Maraetai Rd at the gravel area.  Ride up the road through the two sets of gates. Or alternately from the gate 1km up Waikopua Road.

Some of the tracks are tricky, or even unridable, during/after winter rains. All tracks run at their best in summer. Although they’re all rideable on an XC bike, you’ll get maximum enjoyment if you have a dropper post.

We use Trailforks to report current trail conditions. Please feel free to update when trail conditions change.

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