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Just to update you about a few things from our committee meeting last week:

  • We are looking into the parking issue at the main Whitford gate and how dangerous it can be for members to pull off into the car park plus at peak times, there is minimal parking.  Investigation into creating a bigger car park has been done and unfortunately the paper road we thought might be able to be considered for extra parking, is no longer a paper road.
  • Please take care pulling in and out of the car park and also please park close to each other to allow more cars in there at peak times and avoid parking in front of the gate which say’s No Parking.  Remember not to leave anything in your car… even the boot!
  • As mentioned previously Maraetai forest will remain closed until at least the end of the year when logging may then start in Whitford on a pa site next summer.  We’ll let you know when we hear anything.
  • Callum met with forestry management recently and was advised that anyone caught riding in Maraetai forest will be prosecuted.  Please note that the access road to Wild Turkey (at the back of Whitford) has a gate up and they would like us all to keep out.  Maintenance crews work in the evenings/weekends and forest management are concerned there could be an accident if bikers are on the road. Accident = OSH involvement = big trouble for club.
  • The trackbuilders are not working in Whitford at the moment however Callum is planning some more tracks in Whitford and if these go ahead, they’ll be back.
  • We are very grateful to the following sponsors who have helped fund new tracks in Whitford:

Whitford Charitable Community Trust

ASB Community Trust

Auckland Council Facility Funding


Clevedon Village Medical Centre

Pub Charity

NZ Community Trust

Whitehouse Tavern

Bluesky Community Trust

Grassroots Trust

Plus we have donations also coming in from members/public.  Thank you to you all.

Our financial accounts will be available at the AGM which is being planned for April.  Date tbc.

  • This last membership year has seen the club grow to 500 members (includes families).  Discussion was made at the meeting about increasing our subs this coming year.  It was agreed to increase them to $50 for single or $100 for family.  (This is to help with funding some more tracks being planned in Whitford in an area which have young pines meaning long term tracks).
  • New permit stickers for this new membership year are being printed and we are looking at also providing car stickers for your car.
  • Finally, Congratulations to PCBC  members Jessica and Jemma Manchester for their wins at the Oceania Champs in Toowoomba last week.  Awesome!

That’s it for now.

Ride Safe