Recently Reopened Trails

Hi ya
Callums opened some old tracks up for you!

Bakers Run is a very recently resurrected track that goes off Odens at the berm/wall bit before you start descending (see photo on Facebook) . It starts off ok, then gets a bit steep, then gets ‘why the f#%k did I come down here steep’ and then finishes with a ‘brakes locked, bum over the back, lost all steering, career off into the undergrowth steep bit’ or at least that was my personal experience. Ends at Breadheads bridge. Enjoy!

Breadroll is another recently resurrected track that goes off Breadheads at this point. Look out for the log with the dirt piled up!  See photo on FB. It’s a mellow but fun ticky tour sort of track that comes back onto Breadheads. Going to put an alternative techy loamy end to it at some stage but that’s it for now.

Check out the FB page below for photos.