Track News

Quick update on the mountain bike tracks. Its looks like Maraetai will be open all summer and then close sometime in 2016 to finish off the logging. Replanting is to commence next month and again once the final logging has taken place. From 2017 Maraetai should be open for 25 years plus.  Whitford, i’m not sure. Reasonable chance it will be open this summer and then most of it will be closed long term although i’m hoping for access on weekends to the back (new) tracks.

Its full steam ahead re track building in Maraetai. New tracks are a new Yippy Kai Yay (starts same place as Native Addiction) , a new Comfortably Numb (will get out track builders in there to tidy it up) and a new Trig/Ground Effect.   By the end of next week we should have a new Screamers-a bike park like jump and bump sort of track and a new Nile (just needs a bridge put in). We will also build a Nile extension above the current track going along the tree line.

We also have three other tracks all marked out ready to clear then build.  Tim and Dave (track builders) will be starting on Sweet As soon. Some of you may remember the original Sweet As track i built many years ago, pre club.  It was a straight down the guts sort of  track-the new one will be much mellower, longer and better.   Same hill as Screamers-ends at the Y road junction.

Byron Scott from 440 has kindly marked out a new Fools Gold track. A long flowing grade 3 sort of track is planned. We will be having, a ideally big, working bee not this weekend (shite weather) but next Sunday Sept 6th 9am at Rewa Rd.
No excuses if you cant make it as we also have Tunnel Vision that Ive marked out and we are encouraging riders to spend some time clearing during their rides.  So if you feel like an hours work, dont go to the gym, go and help clear Tunnel Vision! The entry is to the left of the entry into Yippy/Native while the exit is south of the Horse track exit. Tunnel is a favourite for those wanting a flowing long relatively easy way down.     Once we have cleared these lines Tim and Dave will move in for a week or two and give them some bench/berm love.

The only other new track planned for this season is a grade 4 track down a section of large rocks that we have found. Should be a bit different..

We hope to also give Ground Zero a total makeover and after that we will see where we are re money and time.

Also hoping to get a digger in to build a jump line. Permission is the problem. We keep asking..

Money is the key to new tracks, and one of the keys to money is membership. So encourage people to join up! If you see riders who aren’t members riding in the forest give them a bit of a razz up.

Trying this to raise money as well  -so if you want to donate-Just Do It..!

Ok, all good,