Maraetai Forest Spraying – 6 May

Please note over the next few weeks the following is taking place so please look out for signage before entering the forest and obey signs.

Aerial spraying

This is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday 6 May) subject to the weather.  Forest closed signs will be in place if there is spraying, PLEASE respect these signs and keep out of the forest.  We had some issues last year with mountain bikers ignoring the signs and riding in the forest while spraying was taking place.

Goat culling

Coastal Pest Solutions (Ditch) will be undertaking goat culling next week (Monday 9 to Friday 13 May) in both blocks of the forest.  Each day that shooting is happening, Ditch will place shooting signs & road cones in the middle of the road at each entrance.  Please ensure you stay out of the forest block when the signs and cones are in place, as it will be dangerous.  Ditch will search the forest for people immediately before each shoot, but it’s much easier if there isn’t anyone in there.