Maraetai Forest Update

Just an update. Things are drying out in the forest but no roads have been cleared yet. The main road has some 30 slips (between top of Rewa Road Hill and Ground Effect) and the road to the container has some 10 odd slips between intersection with Rewa Road and horse track, some are very difficult to negotiate. Please do not use the roads in these sections.
Unfortunately, until the roads are cleared by forest management it is a bit of a hard trek to get in there and do maintenance on the damaged tracks. The following tracks have substantial damage or trees down:

– Screamers (slips) – We will need to get in Trailpro to repair.
– Grenade (large slip at bottom) – will look at fixing this weekend.
– B’s Track (tree down) – this will need to be cut and removed.
– Exit of Sweet As (washed out)
– Loam Highway (large slip in same place as previous slip)
– Shrapnel (large slip at bottom) – will look at fixing this weekend.

Please stay out of these tracks until we advise they are safe and usable again.

If you plan to go for a ride, we suggest entering at the treatment plant end and heading to the top via Boundary Run.

If riding Native and Yippee, you will have to go up horse track to get up to the top again (you can not get down to the road). The following tracks have been ridden and given the all clear: Boundary Run, Ground Effect, Comfortable Numb, Native, Yippee, BIT, Tunnel Vision (top) (though rutted), Ground Zero, Eastern Spice (bridge washed out), Castaways, Three Blind Mice, McGazza’s.

Prospectors, Tunnel Vision (low) are fine but difficult to get out along road (not recommended).

We are unsure of the condition of Fools Gold, Goon Coasters, Two Dead Cows, top of Nile (we already know the rest of Nile is a Jungle of gorse). If you have an update please let us know.

If you plan on entering please please be careful.