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It is now officially winter and with it brings rain for us Aucklanders…that means swapping your tyres to some chunky mud tyres or pulling out your fat bike and hitting the trails for some muddy slippery action.

The softening trails does mean that Trail Pro can get into action and start fixing up some of the tracks that were damaged during the 1 in a hundy weather bomb and to also start building some new trails whoop whoop.  Below we give ya the low down on what we have planned…

Winter also means that the Mountain will be opening soon, well it did actually open last weekend if you call a strip of white between the rocks worth while driving 4 hours for. I love snowboarding and unfortunately the north island is not blessed with the southern alps and plenty of options for riding the white stuff. Don’t get me wrong, Ruapehu on a good day, shits on all the ski fields down south BUT unfortunately the good days are very few and far between. Anyway I am getting somewhere with this that involves bikes, so every time I head down to the volcano for some cold white stuff, I always, without a doubt, pack my bike and 9 out of 10 times I will hit the hill once on a weekend and head for a ride in Taupo on the other day due to white out conditions, rain or because I didn’t pack my ice skates but GUESS WHAT you don’t have to head all the way to Taupo anymore, the locals have been keeping a secret from us all along and there is actually killer riding in the Ruapehu district WTF…how did I not know this.

If you are down that way and want to hit the trails on your bike then go and check out The Pines. Looks pretty rad and worth a look.

Track and Forest Status
Well its wet and slippery so be prepared to get MUDDY!!!

Putting on my health and safety hat, just be careful in there and after a storm please help pick up the debris rather than leaving it for someone else to pick up. I know this may affect your Strava time but hey your probably not going to get you best time anyway. Also just be careful about riding close to the edge of the road, that storm we had back in March has created some super cool slips, but not so cool if you ride close to the edge and fall 10 m so just make sure you stay a safe distance back. Just a reminder too that any near misses, accidents should be reported to us so we can keep a record of this and identify any hazards that may need rectifying. Just flick us an email if you have anything to report.

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way …we have great news ..Callum our president has been busy beavering away applying for funding to fix up and build some new tracks. Last time I mentioned we received funding to fix up the tracks affected by the storm from Trail Fund. We have Tim from TrailPro up there at the moment giving Screamers and lower Tunnel a tidy-up.

We are also happy to report that we have received $10K from pub charity, particularly Tactics Sports Bar and Manukau Happy Days, $5K from the Lion Foundation. We have also applied for a further $20K. We have permission to rebuild the old track network and unfortunately cannot build new tracks in recently planted areas or in areas that are still to be felled.  Plus we have to spend money within 3 months. So current plans are for a complete rebuild of the Nile and of Comfortably Numb.  C Numb may be a tidy up of the old track and an additional whole new track or just a rebuild of the old track. If we get further funding we would also like to build an up track, going up to the road that’s between the 1st and 2 half of Tunnel.  Either up the guts from shuttle pick up area or up same area of 2nd half of Tunnel.

Happy Riding
Mandy McDavitt