That’s it folks, we are super sorry to advise that Maraetai Forest is now CLOSED until further notice for riding, running, walking well everything except cutting down trees (no that does not mean you can enter and cut down a tree while riding tracks).

So please stay out !!! If you go in there you are ruining any chance we have of gaining any access for maintenance or weekend riding, which we are trying to currently negotiate. So please STAY OUT.

Whitford forest is also closed (but you all knew that already…right), so if you were planning on heading out this way any time soon for a ride/run/walk in any of these forests you will need to think of plan B.

The Whitford block should open soon, waiting to hear about that. We also have a very exciting opportunity re another very nearby land block that we are working through with the various stakeholder-next summer at the earliest for that.