Well the good news is that the forestry crew will be finished in the Whitford block on Friday and thus the Whitford block will be open from Saturday morning!!!!
The bad news is that most of the trail network in there has been destroyed…
The good news is that the trails WCCT, Get a Perm, Wild Turkey and Mad Cow should be largely intact albeit with a big slip down Wild turkey and a fair bit of growth. Check out TrailForks for those tracks. We will have a working bee to tidy them up soon
The other good news is for those that don’t know the Whitford block; it is massive with miles of forest road to explore and get lost in
Even more good news is that we have plans to build some trails, find some lines, just go bush….just need to do some sussing out first-let us know if you find some riding joy!

Please be very careful parking at the Siberia Hill area, very dodgy getting into and out of there and there is work going on with that new development. Safer to park up Waikopua Rd.