Waikopua Rd Entrance Closed

Firstly I would like to thank you all for keeping out of Whitford Forest during spraying. Forest Management were impressed there were no issues.

We have just been advised by Forest Management that they will have a second crew starting in Whitford Forest on Monday 7th May.

The first crew are working out the back beyond Wild Turkey. As per my previous email, any roads south of Wild Turkey are out of bounds. There should be a gate in place and you are NOT to go past the gate.

The second crew, starting on Monday, will be working in the stand adjacent to the Waikopua Rd entrance.  They will also have a roading contractor, constructing a road off Ray Rd (near where the harvesting is taking place).  There will be a sign up at the Waikopua entrance, tape and signs across Ray Rd where it joins Main Rd, and on Grove Rd (runs through Kauri Grove).  Please keep away from the Waikopua Rd entrance and harvesting operations, obey the signs and tape.

To enter the forest use either the main road entrance (Maraetai-Whitford Road) or Ara-Kotinga Entrance.

This is a big thing that they are still allowing us in Whitford forest, while they are working in there, so lets show them that we are capable of keeping out of their working area and obeying signage and tape.