Whitford Forestry Access – Roadlining

We have had word from forestry that there will be ‘roadlining’ taking place over the next wee while. Roadlining is where they fell trees on either side of the road and this will take place from the start of WCCT along the road towards Wild Turkey.

There will be logging trucks going to and from this area, entering and exiting via the Brookby Quarry. There will also be Utes going from Waikopua rd into this area. So the road from Waikopua entrance up to where WCCT, Mad Cow and Wild Turkey are is off limits while they get this work done (a couple of weeks?)

Sorry it really only leaves gravel road riding and running in the forest.

Please respect this restriction and keep out of this area, failure to do so may result in us being kicked out of the forest.

Also just make sure you park away from the entrance gates (even on weekends), these gates are used to gain entry to the forest by forestry workers and also need to be clear in case of an emergency. We have had reports of people parking in front of these gates and forestry workers unable in exit, so please respect other users of the forest and park away from access ways.