Latest News On Logging and Access

Just had word from forest management that one of the harvesting crews is shifting to Fraser Rd, which is in the north-east corner of Whitford Forest.  Trucks will be coming in through Waikopua Rd & going out through the Quarry. Please DO NOT to go past the bridge near the fire store Monday to Friday because of trucks on the road. We are allowed to ride along Main Rd at weekends, but we are NOT allowed to use Ross Rd (which leads off Main Rd to Frasers Rd), or to go past Lookout Rd (refer to map in link below).  There will be signs up if the crew is there falling trees at the weekend, so make sure you obey all signs.

So just to reiterate:
During the week Whitford is pretty much closed (Breadheads area open but main forest ridge road will have logging trucks) and during the weekend these logging areas mentioned above must be avoided.

We have also been getting reports of people riding in Maraetai again…..WTF!!

I can not reiterate this enough, we really need to stay out of areas that are closed for the future of the club. Currently we are trying to negotiate access to parts of Whitford when it closes and Maraetai opens again. This negotiation wont make it past the first email if people continue to ride in areas that are closed. Please keep out.

Any questions about these closed parts, flick us an email or FB message.

Over and out

PCBC Secretary