Latest Track Update and Help Needed


There is now an alternative route by-passing the large tree on Mad Cow. Its a bit ‘pinchy’ so if you’re up there with a chainsaw in your Camelbak, feel free to resurrect the old line.

Callum has also widened that tight switchback. It’s still not perfect and could do with some more work. He has left a spade there if you’re keen as he ran out steam after a couple of hours and went home for a cuppa and a nanny nap (his words not mine haha).

The majority of track scoping/maintenance is done by Callum. You may think when he passes you on the up’s that he is a young fit bugger but don’t let that that motor fool you he is getting on.

With Maraetai opening back up this summer and the vibe suggesting the front of Whitford will stay open, we have a really important year coming up. We have heaps of work to do due to gorse growth and the tracks we build over the next 12 months will be the tracks we ride for the next 20 years. If it is just Callum out there track building and doing maintenance, track rebuild and maintenance may take some time and we may have tracks for Zimmer frames.

Lets give this old man a break and get some new blood on the track building and maintenance team!!!!

We NEED track building volunteers to step forward and get up there on a regular basis. We also have the dosh to pay for 1-2 long term, part time (1-2 days week) workers. Would suit a fit Uni student or similar. No experience needed, just common sense, reliable and a good worker.

If this sounds like you or you want to volunteer your son or daughter then message us or fax I mean text Callum on 021555392.