Who Rode in Whitford Last Sunday? Dob them in!!!

Forestry are working at the entrance of Waikopua Road this week so entering the forest via this entrance is off limits. Please obey this, there is a perfectly good entrance at the other end of the forest that can be used.

On another note, I don’t really like being grumpy at this time of year but I need to reiterate when we are told to keep out of the forest for Health and Safety reasons, keep out of the damn forest.

As you should all be aware, the forest was closed last Sunday. It was closed because it was being sprayed. For me I kept away as getting a mouth full of chemicals is not my thing but for some people in the club or not in the club, they were willing to take the risk and still ride in there anyway. Some were turned away at the main entrance and proceeded to head to Waikopua entrance to enter the forest to ride…

I would like to think that it was not any of our members as you received the email stating to keep out, so there are either people ignoring our emails or there are a few people that are not members using the forest. This is a perfect example to why you need to be a member so you are alerted of these closures. So to those who have mates that are stingy and not willing to join, remind them that it is worth while.

To try and get the closure out to everyone, we sent an email, put it on Facebook, put it on our web site, put it on our local grapevine. I really don’t know what other avenues to use so if you have any ideas please let us know.

Anyway if you don’t hear from us before Christmas, have a great Christmas break and enjoy time with family and friends and you bike of course.

PCBC Committee.