Have You Entered Yet?

Have you entered the Auckland Enduro Series this year, well if you haven’t you should. Its the first of it’s kind in Auckland and those who race or have always wanted to enter a race should be getting behind this series and entering. The first race starts next week (17 Feb) at Riverhead, the second race is at Dome Valley on 10 March and the third race is in our own back yard in Maraetai on 7th April.

So what is an Enduro race?

Mountain biking is a dynamic, multi-faceted cycling discipline. Depending on your skill level and where you live, it can mean very different things to different people. Some people prefer a casual pedal down a dirt path or fire road, while others consider flying down post ski-season resort mountains their cup-of-tea. And most of us… we fall somewhere in the middle, enjoying the spectrum of what mountain biking has to offer.

So, what is enduro, anyways? Enduro is a form of mountain bike racing, but you will also hear “enduro” used as an adjective to describe a certain trail, bike, piece of mountain biking equipment or clothing. When used as an adjective, the person is comparing what he/she is talking about to something that you would see or find in an enduro racing event.

Enduro mountain bike racing started out in Europe with influence from car rally racing and motorbike enduro racing. The concept was simple: get yourself to the top of a mountain and race to the bottom time-trial style.

In general, modern enduro races involve anywhere from 3-6 timed stages. The timed portions of the race are mostly downhill but can vary in steepness, length, and difficulty depending on location. Between each stage, there will be untimed “transfer stages” that are mostly uphill. Depending on the race, transfer stages can involve good old-fashioned pedalling.

Enduro combines elements of all racing disciplines from the physical fitness necessary for cross-country racing, the mental stamina necessary for XC-style stage races and the bike-handling skills to navigate technical gravity-fed singletrack.

But for the most part, enduro is meant to be a fun, approachable and exciting form of mountain biking.

Are you interested yet?
Well if the above hasn’t sucked you in it, the Auckland Series wont disappoint with three different locations offering differing fun filled terrain. There will be spot prizes galore, pizza or BBQ at the end of the race plus not to forget a cold one from Deep Creek Brewery (apparently they have a new beer for us to taste) or a non alcoholic drink if beer doesn’t tickle your fancy or if it does but your not quite old enough.

How to enter

You do need to sign up first to atom timing before entering.

If you are not keen to race but would like to help out we need volunteers to marshal on the day (7th April) at Whitford. For your time you will receive great MTB action, lunch and after race food and drinks. So if you are interested please flick us an email or FB message. We would love to hear from you.

Anyway here are some pics from our last event to entice you to enter.