Maraetai Forest Now Open

Tracks need clearing and lots of work needed by volunteers to get them open.

Can you help?  Please email the club


Maraetai Forest Tracks:

Gone Burger: 2 Dead Cows, Loam Highway..

Nightmare: ( need a lot of work) Ground Zero, Nile, Ground Effect, Eastern Spice, Upper Tunnel Vision, Sweet As, Boundary Run

Not That Flash: (quick fix) Comf Numb (bit of a mish at the start), Prospectors, Horse Track,

Need an Exit (and an entry in some): Grenade, Shrapnel, Native Addiction , Yippy Kai Yah, Bionic Wasp, Inside Out

Rideable: Screamers, Fools Gold, Lower Tunnel Vision

Go For it: B’s , Scrubcutter, McGazzas, 3 Blind Mice ..

Entrance to Maraetai Forest is at the end of Rewa Rd in Maraetai or Okaroro Rd.