Membership Renewal Time

This Sunday is the last day that you can use your 2018/2019 membership before it expires, If you have renewed your membership – good on you, if not – get onto it !!! To join the club go to:

Please note there will be 2-3 weeks lag time to receive your membership stickers, as we have yet to receive the stickers. So as soon as they arrive, I will start posting them out. For those that joined in the month of March, your membership has been swapped over to the 2019/2020 membership. If you have joined and paid, you are now members so can use the forest.

Thanks to all the volunteers that have helped out so far with clearing tracks. We will have a working bee coming up on Sunday 7th so make sure you head along and help out (details to follow), the quicker we get the tracks cleared and entrances/exits rebuilt, the quicker ya all can ride them.