Maraetai Trails Update

Tunnel Vision – the top half is cleared so the whole track is good to ride. Part of the winter trail building plan is is to start this track from the container and give it a general tidy up.

Sweet As – is all cleared, thanks to Mike and Jessie for their work.

Bionic Wasp – as awesome as ever. The tree you have to duck down for seems even lower…be careful.

We still need to clear lower half of Ground Effect (this isl another track that will start eventually from container and get an overhaul this winter -but still maintain it’s fast semi DH/park feel.

Sweet Screams – (between Sweet as and Screamers) needs clearing-any volunteers?

Inside Out – winter project for anyone who wants a grade 5 slow technical track.

Expect a lot of weed die-off in the coming weeks as a result of spraying.