Maraetai Forest is only open for riding on Sundays!!!
DO NOT ENTER ON ANY OTHER DAY OF THE WEEK – this could jeopardise our Sunday access.

Great news!!! We have been able to keep Fools Gold and Prospectors open. All signage and tape is up now, it should be obvious where you can’t go.

Here’s where you can ride:

Mon, Tues and Thursday its XC time, head over to our good friends at Totara Park and smash out a few laps. Wed, Friday and Saturday its time to get the Enduro/DH bikes out and throw a few whips down Pink Stoat and all the other epic tracks out at 440 Bike Park. Free up track for PCBC members but you may as well do a few shuttles rides as well when you’re out there!
Sunday, there’s no place like home. Maraetai is open for business. Yellow tracks below are open, red are closed and blue is the new up line (plus there’s the out-the back tracks for the truly adventurous) . Get into it!

iI there’s tape across track/signage etc then its closed and keep out.