Our annual general meeting is coming up, if you have an interest in what the club is doing now and into the future then come along and hear all about it. The AGM will be held:

When: Tuesday 26th October

Time: 7pm

Where: Whitford Tennis Club, Whitford Domain.

We also have a couple of committee spots opening. Two current members are steeping down. Nigel McCreight stepped down a few months ago. Nigel was heavily involved in the club for a number of years and lead health and safety over the last couple of year. Thanks Nigel for all your hard work and keeping people honest in the forest (i am sure you will keep doing that). Kerry Oxenham is also stepping down from the committee. Kerry was involved with the PCBC youth academy for a number of years with Phil Manchester. They brought through a number of very good riders that placed on the national stage for cross country and downhill and some went on to race at international level.

If you would like to get involved in the operation of the club to make a difference then come along to the AGM or let us know. Not only do we have the spots on the committee, we are also after people to fill the following key roles (some you will have to be on the committee also):

– Health and safety rep – lead health and safety for the club, making sure our health and safety plan is regularly updated, manage any near misses in the forest, manage trail closures after storms etc. and bringing any new initiatives on the health and safety front. We need someone who is passionate and practical about health and safety to take on this role.

– Media rep – we are after a guru on website building and management and who loves social media (or we two people to fill this role). It will involve managing our website and keeping it up to date and interactive. Issuing media releases and keeping people informed on what is happening with the club via our website and facebook page.

– Processing memberships – we are after someone to process memberships, which involves sending out stickers to people who have joined. You will need to have capacity of 1 hr every 2 weeks to do this. If anyone has any ideas on how we can do this better i.e. options other than stickers, that avoids sending stuff in the post – get in touch.

– Events subcommittee – I have a vision of doing a lot more in the events space and want to be ambitious and put together an events calendar, this may include regular group rides, cross country races, Funduros, summer series of short races i.e. chainless races, coaching clinics and any other ideas out there. If you are enthusiastic about being part of a team to make this happen then get in touch.

– Maintenance Crew – We have a great network of trails and we want to keep it that way and with around 1000 members maintenance is required to keep the tracks in tip top shape. So we are after keen people to take ownership of this. If you are keen let us know.

Please note that all of the above are on a volunteer basis, but lets just say giving back to the club is actually very rewarding.

Looking forward to meeting those who attend the AGM and who are keen to take on the roles above.