Sunday 19th May Closure

Maraetai forest is closed this Sunday 19th May.

Logging is being undertaken to finish off in the forest and hopefully we will be allowed access 7 days a week shortly. In the meantime, please keep out.



Good news! The forest will be open for riding Sunday!! Yippe Ki Yay!! Closed again during the week.

The skid site is currently at the bottom of Ground Effect/Sneaky so those tracks are closed. This means that C Numb/Stumpy are only exit tracks to the poo ponds as you can not go along forest road to get back up. So come in via Rewa rd entry and avoid the southern tracks unless exiting to Poo ponds. The only way up is the forest road/horse track.

Remember no group rides-We are Level 3 so social distancing is a must. Also ride within your capabilities. Avoid the grade 4 tracks if not an expert rider. This is not the time to do new tricks, hit those big lines or take up mountain biking!!

Please respect the rules!! Sunday riding ONLY!!!

2020-2021 Memberships

Due to disruptions this year with the forest closing and Covid 19, the 2019/2020 memberships are valid to 31st May 2020.  

New memberships will be opening soon. If you have recently purchased a membership I.e. this month, you will he transferred to next season.
Due to the disruptions, we have decided to keep the membership fees the same. We are also offering three year memberships again to help with building new tracks this winter. Money from other sources will be limited this year due to the current environment so we are relying on memberships to build new tracks so please consider a 3 year membership.  Membership prices will be increasing next year too so a saving in the long run. 

Please keep an eye out on here and FB for when memberships go live. 

Level 3 – Forest Update

Hi everyone. So what does level 3 mean to us all? Nothing. It’s still the same as level 4. The forest is closed and logging is commencing again this week.

However whilst the majority of riders kept out of the forest in level 4, some did not and forestry management are aware of this. Yes there’s cameras in there and also tyre tracks. Some people just don’t understand what “FOREST CLOSED KEEP OUT” means!!!

We are awaiting to hear if we will have Sunday riding access only again and we are hoping that this small minority of d*ckheads did not spoil it for the rest of us.

In the meantime…. explore somewhere else.

Keep safe.


Maraetai Forest is only open for riding on Sundays!!!
DO NOT ENTER ON ANY OTHER DAY OF THE WEEK – this could jeopardise our Sunday access.

Great news!!! We have been able to keep Fools Gold and Prospectors open. All signage and tape is up now, it should be obvious where you can’t go.

Here’s where you can ride:

Mon, Tues and Thursday its XC time, head over to our good friends at Totara Park and smash out a few laps. Wed, Friday and Saturday its time to get the Enduro/DH bikes out and throw a few whips down Pink Stoat and all the other epic tracks out at 440 Bike Park. Free up track for PCBC members but you may as well do a few shuttles rides as well when you’re out there!
Sunday, there’s no place like home. Maraetai is open for business. Yellow tracks below are open, red are closed and blue is the new up line (plus there’s the out-the back tracks for the truly adventurous) . Get into it!

iI there’s tape across track/signage etc then its closed and keep out.

Possible SUNDAY ONLY Riding

REMINDER! Last weekend for general riding access to Maraetai forest. It will be closed for 2 months for logging. Make the most of it.

The good news is we have negotiated on-going Sunday only riding access to the majority of the tracks (not Sneaky, Ground Effect, Lower Tunnel and probably not Prospectors/Fools) -just finalising details and will let you know more next week.

Maraetai Forest Closing Soon

MARAETAI WILL CLOSE FOR LOGGING MONDAY FEBRUARY 3RD. Whitford will also remain closed. There will be a roading crew in next week so be careful. Sorry everyone but this is out of our control.

In compensation 19/20 membership will now end May 31 (instead of March 31). All PCBC members get free access to 440 Bike Park (Up trails) during the forest closure.