Save this Date 2 May 2020

PCBC Funduro is back for 2021. Limited to 200, 6 stages with a joker stage thrown in there too, 3 hrs to complete, pizza, sausage sizzle, beer, timing and hopefully sunshine. We will be offering a discount to those who raced in 2020…..

Details coming soon….

Level 3 (again)

The forest is open during level 3. Please adhere to the rules. Ride with your bubbles only and to your ability. Keep to social distancing.

Level 3 does ask us to stay local so please do not drive across Auckland to get here.

If you are not a member of the club but are local and keen to check it out, we ask you don’t purchase your day pass from GAS Maraetai during level 3 but instead pop $10 into our bank account  38-9010-0141975-00. Just make sure you bring proof of purchase.

Note shuttles will not be operating until level 1.

Stay safe out there.

Shuttles are back

Shuttles are starting back tomorrow evening (25 Feb). 5pm start from Rewa Road gate, otherwise meet at shuttle pick up at the bottom of Trig Road (main road to container).

You will need to purchase a shuttle pass to use the shuttle – 6 rides for $20 or 18 rides for $50. Bring cash to pay the driver or put money in our account and show driver proof of purchase (preferable option).

If you are not a shuttle person and prefer the grind up, please note that Trig Road is closed from 5pm and so are the following trails:-

  • Screamers
  • Upper Nile
  • Fools Gold
  • Prospectors
  • Two Dead Cows
  • Scrub cutter

Level 2

Level 2 comes with two rules in the forest

  1. Adhere to the social distancing requirements under level 2
  2. Use QR code when entering the forest.

Shuttles will restart on Thursday evenings when we are back to level 1.


We are in level 3 peoples

We have three simple rules if you want to ride in the forest during level 3:

  1. Everyone must scan our QR code before entering (will be put up at entrance of Rewa Road and Okaroro Roads – there will be one at the container for those that forget when entering).
  2. Only bike with people in your bubble; and
  3. Practice social distancing.

Be safe out there….

Help Needed

We need your help!! The whole aim of the club it to get people mountain biking. In general we do this with the Field of Dreams mantra ‘If you build it, they will come’ . However sometimes you need a bit of affirmative action…So this year one of our big projects is getting the three core target groups out riding-that is teens, females and those from a socioeconomic/cultural background that would normally not have the opportunity to ride. So along with Manurewa High School, Torpedo 7 and the Tu Manawa Active Aotearoa Trust we are getting 20 wicked Trek Marlin 5 bikes, plus all the associated helmets, locks, spares, tools etc. and getting 20 young woman from the school into riding. The Torpedo 7 mechanics will be teaching them how to look after their bikes and, with the help of some great PCBC volunteer female coach’s, we will show them how to ride some sick lines! At the end of the 3 month course the girls get to keep the bikes!! How cool is that!!!

The Tu Manawa trust has donated $12,000 but the cost of the project is $15,000 so we are $3000 short. If you in a position whereby you can afford a 2021 charity donation and are looking for something a bit different then consider this! For $600 a teen gets a bike, $50 a helmet, $20 a lock and $15 a multitool. Donations to charity are tax deductible – we will send you a receipt.

So…if this sounds like you and you want to change a life then our bank account is 38-9010-0141975-00 Pohutukawa Coast Bike Club, put the reference as Tu Manawa, and flick us an email so we can send you a receipt