Day Passes

Maraetai Forest is privately owned and you are required to hold a permit to enter, this includes all recreational activities such as but not limited to biking, running, walking.

Permits can only be purchased through the Puhutukawa Coast Bike Club and are in the form of a season pass (year pass for the forest) or a day pass.

The day passes are perfect if you want to check out the tracks before committing to a season pass, you are just passing through or you do not ride often to warrant buying a season pass.

You can purchase a pass from: GAS Maraetai, Whitford Merchant or via the link below:

When purchasing on line. Please choose the day you plan to ride and print out the day pass and bring it with you (will be emailed once purchased) or screen shot on your phone. There will be people in the forest randomly asking to see your pass, so be prepared.