Day Passes

Day passes are only available to purchase on line during Level 3. Please purchase via the link below. 

All grade 4 and 5 tracks are closed during level 3. We ask that you stick only to the tracks that are open (go to our tracks tab). We also ask that you park at the Okaroro Road end to access the forest as there is plenty of parking. NOTE that this entrance will be closed week 18th as we upgrade the access.

There are also a few more precautions during level 3, they are as follows:

1. EASY TRACKS ONLY. We are only allowed to ride easy tracks. So the following tracks will be closed and taped off…. Shrapnel, Grenade, B’s, Screamers, Prospectors, Bionic, Native Addiction, Stumpy, Ground Effect and Boundary. All others please ride cautiously and well within your capabilities. No KOM’s!! Now when we say easy tracks, if you are not a regular, and/or new to the forest and biking you may still struggle on our easy tracks.

2. SOCIAL DISTANCE AND STAY WITHIN YOUR BUBBLE. PLEASE obey social distancing rules and stay within your bubble. Don’t treat this as an opportunity for a group ride with ya mates …. that would definitely be one way for forest management/the police to kick us out during level 3.

3.  SCAN IN. Everyone must scan in using the QR codes at the entrance. QR codes are up and ready for you to use.

4. USE STRAVA. The Police are concerned people may get lost/injured in the forest and want a way to track people if they don’t return. So if you are riding/walking/running in the forest we ask that you use Strava. Strava has an option to send your ride live to another person – we ask that you use this. A good habit to use if riding alone anyway. Though not so good if you say your going for a quick ride and you decide you are enjoying yourself too much and stay for longer, but use the excuse you got a flat tire… 
 If we obey the rules above, the forest will stay open, if we don’t it will close again it’s that simple. We also ask that you read our club rules to make sure you are being safe in there (click on the link below). We also have a phone number on our main notice boards to call in case of an accident and you need vehicle access to get out of the forest. For serious accidents please call 111.