Become a member of the club

Access to Maraetai Forest requires a permit and this can be obtained through joining the Pohutukawa Coast Bike Club.

Our memberships cover mountain bikers, runners and walkers and includes a permit to access the forest, up to date information on forest closures, and discounts on events run by the mountain bike club.  Money collected from memberships goes towards track building and maintenance. Our club is affiliated with MTBNZ and Cycling NZ.

The membership season runs from 1 June to 31st May. We currently offer one year memberships (1 June 2020 to 31st May 2021) and 3-year memberships (1 June 2020 to 31 May 2023). We do not offer discounts if you are joining partly through the membership season. 21/22 day passes will go on sale in May 2021.

Currently membership is for Maraetai Forest only because Whitford Forest is currently Closed.

Our membership options are as follows:

1 year single membership is $50

3 year single membership is $150

1 year family membership is $100

3 Year family membership is $300

Runners and Walkers Only (access to roads and walking tracks ONLY)

1 year single membership $25

3 year single membership $75

1 year Family membership $50

3 year Family membership $150

Note: a family membership is for a family unit living in the same household.


Then payment is direct credit to our bank account:

Kiwibank 38-9010-0141975-00 PCBC

Please make sure that you put your name as a reference and please email me if you paid in a different name as the one you have used on the form.

Maraetai Forest offers a range of MTB tracks, ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 5. The majority of tracks are typically suited for intermediate riders and above. The tracks range from flow trail (berms) to technical tracks (off camber, rooty, drops). Jumps are spread throughout some tracks and vary in height and are sometimes not sign posted.  Prior to signing up please read our safety rules for the club (link below), these have been updated to include Covid-19. In regards to Covid-19 please make sure that you keep up to date with the Ministry of Health guidelines on recreational activities.