Okaroro Road Access update

There was a bit of delay with starting the entrance upgrade (additional H&S paper work to deal with Covid). The contractor has started in there today and will be in there over the weekend. This access will be closed until work is finished (we will let you know when this is). Thanks in advance for avoiding the area.

Okaroro Road entrance closed week 18th Oct 2021

Its been a long wait (due to lock down) but finally we are getting a new access to the forest at Okaroro Road – no more lugging your bike over the fence and battling the mud. 

So while we are strongly encouraging people to use the Okaroro Rd entrance rather than Rewa Rd, this entrance will be closed this week. When using Rewa Road can you consider parking down by the beach and riding up or if local just biking to the forest. It’s getting pretty crowded up by the gate. 

Thanks Steve from Waikopua.nz (Auckland’s Best Location!) for the path.

We will let you know when the new access is done. 

Day Passes

If your not quite sure if you want to join, or if you are only in the city for the weekend you can purchase a day pass by either purchasing on-line (follow link below) or popping into GAS Maraetai. During Level 3 please use the on-line option.

I am sure after 1 teaser however you will be back for more….



Our annual general meeting is coming up, if you have an interest in what the club is doing now and into the future then come along and hear all about it. The AGM will be held:

When: Tuesday 26th October

Time: 7pm

Where: Whitford Tennis Club, Whitford Domain.

We also have a couple of committee spots opening. Two current members are steeping down. Nigel McCreight stepped down a few months ago. Nigel was heavily involved in the club for a number of years and lead health and safety over the last couple of year. Thanks Nigel for all your hard work and keeping people honest in the forest (i am sure you will keep doing that). Kerry Oxenham is also stepping down from the committee. Kerry was involved with the PCBC youth academy for a number of years with Phil Manchester. They brought through a number of very good riders that placed on the national stage for cross country and downhill and some went on to race at international level.

If you would like to get involved in the operation of the club to make a difference then come along to the AGM or let us know. Not only do we have the spots on the committee, we are also after people to fill the following key roles (some you will have to be on the committee also):

– Health and safety rep – lead health and safety for the club, making sure our health and safety plan is regularly updated, manage any near misses in the forest, manage trail closures after storms etc. and bringing any new initiatives on the health and safety front. We need someone who is passionate and practical about health and safety to take on this role.

– Media rep – we are after a guru on website building and management and who loves social media (or we two people to fill this role). It will involve managing our website and keeping it up to date and interactive. Issuing media releases and keeping people informed on what is happening with the club via our website and facebook page.

– Processing memberships – we are after someone to process memberships, which involves sending out stickers to people who have joined. You will need to have capacity of 1 hr every 2 weeks to do this. If anyone has any ideas on how we can do this better i.e. options other than stickers, that avoids sending stuff in the post – get in touch.

– Events subcommittee – I have a vision of doing a lot more in the events space and want to be ambitious and put together an events calendar, this may include regular group rides, cross country races, Funduros, summer series of short races i.e. chainless races, coaching clinics and any other ideas out there. If you are enthusiastic about being part of a team to make this happen then get in touch.

– Maintenance Crew – We have a great network of trails and we want to keep it that way and with around 1000 members maintenance is required to keep the tracks in tip top shape. So we are after keen people to take ownership of this. If you are keen let us know.

Please note that all of the above are on a volunteer basis, but lets just say giving back to the club is actually very rewarding.

Looking forward to meeting those who attend the AGM and who are keen to take on the roles above.

Level 3 – what ya need to know to access the forest

Come Wednesday not only is Domino’s and restaurant curry back on the menu (ok and KFC / McDonalds – i won’t discount that some of you will be in the 2km line to the drive through), but so is the forest for our exercise fix – YAY!!!! Now before you line up at the gate for first entry, there are a few rules we need to follow. They are….  

1.  STAY LOCAL. Only locals in the forest please. This means if you live in Tuakau, North Shore etc. We ask that you do not drive for an 1 hr to come for a ride.  

2.  EASY TRACKS ONLY. We are only allowed to ride easy tracks. So the following tracks will be closed and taped off…. Shrapnel, Grenade, B’s, Screamers, Prospectors, Bionic, Native Addiction, Stumpy, Ground Effect and Boundary. All others please ride cautiously and well within your capabilities. No KOM’s!! Now when we say easy tracks, if you are not a regular, and/or new to the forest and biking you may still struggle on our easy tracks.

3. SOCIAL DISTANCE AND STAY WITHIN YOUR BUBBLE. PLEASE obey social distancing rules and stay within your bubble. Don’t treat this as an opportunity for a group ride with ya mates …. that would definitely be one way for forest management/the police to kick us out during level 3.

4.  SCAN IN. Everyone must scan in using the QR codes at the entrance. QR codes are up and ready for you to use.

5. USE STRAVA. The Police are concerned people may get lost/injured in the forest and want a way to track people if they don’t return. So if you are riding/walking/running in the forest we ask that you use Strava. Strava has an option to send your ride live to another person – we ask that you use this. A good habit to use if riding alone anyway. Though not so good if you say your going for a quick ride and you decide you are enjoying yourself too much and stay for longer, but use the excuse you got a flat tire… 
 If we obey the rules above, the forest will stay open, if we don’t it will close again it’s that simple. 

For those who are not familiar with our tracks – I will get an updated map on the website that shows the tracks that are closed.  

Stay safe out there and enjoy a smidgen of more freedom from Wednesday onwards.

PCBC 2021 Funduro

Holding the Funduro on May 2 was a bit of a gamble with the weather, especially following the wash out of a race held in December 2020. However, the weather gods played ball and put on a stunner of a day for the event.

With some 200 competitors, the sold out event didn’t disappoint, with great stages selected, tough competition and the best views in Auckland. Onetime also delivered with live timing, so once you completed a stage you could quickly look to see how you did and if you should repeat.

There were 6 stages ranging from grade 3 to 4 and a selection of flow tracks to technical. We also had a couple of optional stages – The joker stage – fastest Male & Female down Two Dead Cows and for those who love using the legs a King/Queen of the mountain. The stages could be completed in any order, you however only had 3 hrs to complete all the stages and get back to the start/finish area. Which was super easy for some but others less fit did struggle to meet the timeframe.

After the 3 hrs, it was time to relax and lap up the views while sipping on award winning Deep Creek beer, munching on pizza and yarning/comparing race times with your mates. Followed by prize giving, where some great spot prizes were also on offer from our sponsors Mt Eden Cycles (MEC), Botany Honda Motorcycles, Rydges Formosa, Seat Saver and 440.


An impressive 42 riders were entered in the Grom (U18) category, the youngest was 9 years old. Next event we will definitely have more categories for the younger riders. It was very tough competition in this category with only 7 seconds between 1st and 2nd and 1 second between 2nd and 3rd. Heath Patton took out 1st place, Jesse Schimanski in 2nd and Andrew Pietersen in 3rd.

Taking out the women’s overall was George Swift, followed by Charlotte Rayner in 2nd and Kayla Russell in 3rd place.

Local rider Byron Scott dominated in the men’s category taking out 1st overall, followed by Kai Crow in 2nd and Brook Daly in 3rd.

The Ebike category was strong this year with 20 entered in the field. It was taken out by local rider Roger Helliwell, then Victor Turney in 2nd and David Peake in 3rd place.

Other results:

Open Female

1st place – George Swift, 2nd – Charlotte Rayner, 3rd – Kayla Russell

Open Female winners

Open Male

1st – Kai Crow, 2nd – Brook Daly, 3rd – Karl Shaw

Open Male Winners

Master Female

1st – Andrea Marchand, 2nd – Pam Hewlett, 3rd – Naomi Wright

Master Female Winners

Master Male

1st – Byron Scott, 2nd – Turquoise Warrior, 3rd – Samuel Shallard

Master Male Winners

Big thanks to our sponsors:

Mount Eden Cycles (MEC), Deep Creek Brewing Company, Rydges Formosa, Botany Honda Cycles, 440.

Save this Date 2 May 2020

PCBC Funduro is back for 2021. Limited to 200, 6 stages with a joker stage thrown in there too, 3 hrs to complete, pizza, sausage sizzle, beer, timing and hopefully sunshine. We will be offering a discount to those who raced in 2020…..

Details coming soon….

Level 3 (again)

The forest is open during level 3. Please adhere to the rules. Ride with your bubbles only and to your ability. Keep to social distancing.

Level 3 does ask us to stay local so please do not drive across Auckland to get here.

If you are not a member of the club but are local and keen to check it out, we ask you don’t purchase your day pass from GAS Maraetai during level 3 but instead pop $10 into our bank account  38-9010-0141975-00. Just make sure you bring proof of purchase.

Note shuttles will not be operating until level 1.

Stay safe out there.

Shuttles are back

Shuttles are starting back tomorrow evening (25 Feb). 5pm start from Rewa Road gate, otherwise meet at shuttle pick up at the bottom of Trig Road (main road to container).

You will need to purchase a shuttle pass to use the shuttle – 6 rides for $20 or 18 rides for $50. Bring cash to pay the driver or put money in our account and show driver proof of purchase (preferable option).

If you are not a shuttle person and prefer the grind up, please note that Trig Road is closed from 5pm and so are the following trails:-

  • Screamers
  • Upper Nile
  • Fools Gold
  • Prospectors
  • Two Dead Cows
  • Scrub cutter