Youth Training Rides

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Want to ride with others, improve your skills or get fitter? Join us Tuesday nights!

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Formed by PCBC parents some time ago, the PCBC MTB Academy is for passionate young riders between the ages of 10-19. It is an opportunity for them to ride together, get fitter, upskill and most importantly have fun riding on a Tuesday night. Experienced riders and instructors take groups of similar ability, imparting knowledge and techniques, allowing riders to get the most out of themselves and their bikes. This is achieved while maintaining a focus on safety. We would love to get them all involved in the Academy and have some fun.

It is also important that your bike is well maintained and fit for purpose. It is your responsibility to ensure your bike is in good mechanical order. Coaches will show you how to carry out a quick bike check, but it pays to get a professional bike check from time to time. If a coach determines that your bike is not safe, it will mean that you’re left in the carpark.

We encourage parents to join us! Please message us on the club Facebook page.

Academy News

Regular updates on events, road trips, weather updates.