Youth Training Rides

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Back Ground

PCBC Academy began over a decade ago with a cohort of riders who rode weekly and throughout the year.  In addition to having a good time and developing skills, the small but dedicated cohort participated in races across the country and eventually sent riders overseas to compete on the Junior World Cup circuit. Many of these riders are now active participants in the NZ mountain bike community; they coach, organize events, work at bike shops, and race at a high level.

Overtime, the original Academy ceased to run due to forestry closures and members moving on to new phases of life. So in 2020 when it was reestablished, the immediate community interest far exceeded expectations.  The introduction of more beginner friendly tracks to the forest, the pandemic fueled boom of mountain biking, and massive growth in the Beachlands community saw the roster grow to roughly five times its previous incarnation! Meeting this need  presented organizers with a host of new and unforeseen organizational, personal, and logistical  challenges. 

Fortunately, the mountain bike community rose to the occasion. Other established NZ teen programmes, such as JAFA kids and WORD,  provided consultation and advice to build from. Former PCBC Teens Academy graduates such as Charlotte Rayner and Kayla Russell returned as coaches.  Racers Byron Scott and Kai Crow, as well as 440 MTB Park coach Nicole Macauly, have thrown their helmets into the ring as well. 

Clearly, mountain biking is a sport that inspires a lifelong love in many of its participants.  In 2021, the Academy will work hard to develop and share this passion with the next generation.