Our Tracks


Maraetai Forest offers a range of MTB tracks, ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 5. Download the 2020 map here

The majority of tracks are typically suited for intermediate riders and above. The tracks range from flow trail (berms) to technical tracks (off camber, rooty, drops). Jumps are spread throughout some tracks and vary in height and are sometimes not sign posted. 

Maraetai Forest Tracks Status: 

Waiho Elevator (up track) – OPEN

Ground Zero, Grade 3 – OPEN

Grenade, Grade 5 – OPEN

Shrapnel, Grade 5  – OPEN

B’s Track, Grade 4 – OPEN

C19, Grade 3 – Open (access off B’s track)

Eastern Spice. Grade 3 – OPEN  (Gravelling done through winter)

Western (up track) – OPEN

Screamers, Grade 3 – OPEN

Sweet As, Grade 3 – OPEN (currently over grown)

Fools Gold, Grade 3 – OPEN

Prospectors, Grade 4 – OPEN

Upper Nile, Grade 3 – OPEN

Bionic Wasp, Grade 4 – OPEN

Native, Grade 4 – OPEN

Yipee Kay Yah, Grade 4 – OPEN

The Mission, (up track) – OPEN

Horse Track, Grade 3 – OPEN (two way, bike and walking track)

Tunnel Vision, Grade 3 – OPEN

Sneaky Hand Job, Grade 3 (up track, walking track) – OPEN

Ground Effect, Grade 4 – OPEN

Comfortably Numb, Grade 4 – OPEN

Stumpy, Grade 4 – OPEN

Boundary Run, Grade 4 – OPEN (rideable but overgrown in places)

Castaway, Grade 4 to 5 – OPEN

Three Blind Mice, Grade 4 – OPEN

McGazza’s, Grade 4 – OPEN

Two Dead Cows, Grade 3-5 – OPEN (walk out)

Entrance to Maraetai Forest is at the end of Rewa Rd in Maraetai or Okaroro Rd.  Please be considerate of the residents when you are parking on Rewa Rd.  Thankyou.

Two Dead Cows